About the event

In 2020 we tried to organise an event which was originally designed to be held during the coronavirus period – when there was a limit of 50 people, a ban on international travel, etc. As it turned out, in July 2020 the situation was much better than expected. Almost all restrictions had been removed. The Jizerky O-Fest ran with great success, with 50 participants coming for demanding trainings, evening talks, and a number accompanying activities. In 2021, we’re preparing for the second year with numerous novelties.

The idea for this event was first floated 5 years ago, but we only decided to pull it out of the drawer last year, when official races couldn’t be held.

O-FEST is a relaxing orienteering holiday. Each day we will serve great o-delicacies. And if you’ve had enough of them, you can instead go and visit the beautiful natural surroundings, as well as many other activities. But you can’t just do sports the whole time, you also need to have some other kinds of fun! There will be live music, quizzes, presentations and discussions, local trips. And will the various events be only for young people? Of course not! Here it doesn’t matter, we welcome both teenagers and veterans. This mix can also bring a number of interesting moments – understanding, help, cooperation. For many, these are difficult times. And with this event we also want to support them a little – from the guest house, to the map printers, to the manufacturers of souvenirs we’ll give to you.

Accommodation and event centre

An amazing place in the heart of the Jizera Mountains, surrounded by a number of new maps for orienteering. An extraordinary guest house which is not only for sleeping, but also for meeting people, organising parties, talks, and many other activities. Stylish modern mountain accommodation. Excellent home cooking with regional ingredients, pastries and spreads. This is Potkávárna u Havrana, the venue of the Jizera O-FEST 2021. And what’s more, a big bonus is that Potkávárna u Havrana is owned and run directly by orienteers.

Further information

Address: Karlov 360, Josefův Důl (okr. Jablonec nad Nisou)

GPS: 50.7805900N, 15.1992078E

Web: https://www.potkavarnauhavrana.cz/



Saturday 31st July – Saturday 7th August 2020

Accommodation and event centre

Potkávárna u Havrana (more in the section Accommodation and event centre)

Address: Karlov 360, Josefův Důl (okr. Jablonec nad Nisou)

GPS: 50.7805900N, 15.1992078E

Web: https://www.potkavarnauhavrana.cz/


Tatran Jablonec orienteering club


Food will be provided three times a day (breakfast buffet, lunch, dinner). The menu will be known in advance and allergy sufferers and vegetarians can also be catered for.



Each day we will have an average of two orienteering trainings prepared for you, or various games (except for one rest day) each of them having specific aims. There will be night-O, relays, sprints, mountain orienteering, a knock-out sprint, and a wide range of technical trainings. Most trainings will use SportIdent electronic punching. There will be a choice or four courses which differ in both physical and technical difficulty. If at any point you feel as if you have done enough training, you can skip any session and we can help to organise a different activity for you.

Other activities
Throughout the week it is possible to choose from a whole range of other activities – we will have suggestions for untraditional tourist trips, o-crosswords, photo games, other sporting activities such as cycling, swimming, scooting, or a tourist outing may be prepared.

Evening programme

Every evening after 20:00, the results of the previous day will be announced and there will be analysis and breakdown of the courses. After that there’ll be a short meeting with information for the next day, a chance to make any final changes to which courses you want to run the next day, and then the evening programme (discussion, workshop, quiz, etc.)


All maps used for the Jizera O-FEST will be entirely new or updated in July 2021, with symbol set ISOM 2017-2 or ISSprOM 2019.

All maps will be professionally printed on waterproof paper


Transport to the venue is not included, we advise you to hire a car from Prague airport for the duration of your stay. However, we can organise group transport directly to the event centre from Prague airport if it makes sense to do so.

Transport to daily starts and destinations is not provided. However, half of the trainings will be within walking distance, and it’s also possible to use, for example, a bike or a scooter (there is a bicycle storage room at the event centre and the start/finish area will be manned so things can be safely left there). Having a car will be useful, but if you cannot drive we are sure we can find an empty car space for you!


A – Most demanding physically and technically. Aimed at H18-H35 and D21

B – Same technical difficulty as A, but shorter distance. Aimed at H16, H40-45, D18-D40

C – Moderate technical difficulty, less physically demanding. Aimed at older participants (H50+, W45+), but also for H/D 14 and 16.

D – easier course for less experienced orienteers. No map modifications in the trainings (e.g. no missing paths, no blanked out sections). Aimed at H12, D12, D14, and anybody who is unexperienced in orienteering.

If necessary, it is not a problem do run different courses for different trainings during the week. Enter your most likely course, but you can always switch once you are there.

Results will be listed by age category to ensure they are not affected by competitors choosing to run harder or easier courses than most of their category.

Restrictions on participation

  • Age restriction – the camp is suitable for ages 12 and above. In the case that many families want to take younger children, an alternative programme for them will be prepared.

  • Total capacity – 50 people

  • You must be in good health. If you have any symptoms of disease, you must not attend. It’s possible that a negative antigen or PCR test will be required – to be confirmed.


Entries are open. Applications should be made exclusively through the form on the “Applications” page.

Entry fee

Up to and including 20 July 2021

With accommodation in a bed (limit 40 people)

CZK 6100 15 years and older

CZK 5400 14 years and younger

With accommodation in a teepee (limit 10 people)

CZK 5400 15 years and older

CZK 4700 14 years and younger

After 20 July 2021

With accommodation in a bed (limit 40 people)

CZK 6500 15 years and older

CZK 5800 14 years and younger

With accommodation in a teepee (limit 10 people)

CZK 5800 15 years and older

CZK 5100 14 years and younger

Included in the entry fee:

  • 7 nights of accommodation at Potkávárna u Havrana (choice of Teepee or bed)

  • 3 home made meals per day

  • Car parking / bike storage

  • Accompanying programme including tourist trips and live music

  • Basic health/first aid (a doctor will be on site)

  • Complete organisation from the preparation of trainings to the provision of the programme for the whole day

  • Exclusive wooden medal

  • Set of unique O-crossword puzzles

  • Surprises for all competitors

Other fees:

  • SI card hire CZK 100 for the whole week


The registration fee can be paid by one of these options:

International bank transfer to the following account:

IBAN CZ3920100000002301761857


Payment by cash or card upon arrival

Enter your name(s) to identify your payment in the payment reference. If you think the payment reference may be unclear please email picanek@o-fest.cz to specify who the payment is for. A receipt will be issued to each participant upon arrival. If you need us to issue an invoice to your club or organisation, please do not make the payment and first contact picanek@o-fest.cz

Cancellation conditions

Up to 30 days before the event – 100% refund

Up to 15 days before the event – 75% refund

Up to 7 days before the event – 50% refund

Later – no refund

If we are forced to cancel the event, a 100% refund will be given.

Possible changes

In the event of cancellation or modification due to the coronavirus epidemic or by the decision of the Government of the Czech Republic, there will be information on the modifications or cancellation available on the event website no later than 14 days before the event. In the case of cancellation, the full fee will be refunded.


Participants take part at their own risk.

Further information

Web, social networks

All events during the camp will be rigorously timed. Maps, results, photos and analysis from trainings will be immediately published on the website www.o-fest.cz and Facebook.

Event details

More detailed information will be sent to participants by email approximately 7 days before the event

Main organiser

Jan Picek, email: picanek@o-fest.cz, phone: +420 608 324 456

Privacy and Photography (GDPR)

By registering, each participant agrees to publication of their relevant personal data in the form of a participant list, start list, and result list on the event website, as well as in the instructions for participants and to be displayed at the event centre. During the event, photographs will be taken for publicity purposes to inform the public about the event, in accordance with Section 89 of Act No. 89/2012 sb., The Civil Code. Furthermore, photographs may be taken by your fellow competitors for their own memories or for promotion needs of their own orienteering club, especially during prizegiving ceremonies and in the finish area. If you do not with to be photographed, please explicitly inform the photographer.



OOB TJ Tatran Jablonec n. N.

Jungmannova 14, 466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou

IČO: 16389131




+420 608 324 456

Who’s awaits you?

Pavel Prochazka will be taking care of the accommodation and meals, Honza Picek will plan the courses and update the maps, photos and games will be prepared by Alča Voborníková, and doctor Lenka Strakova will always be on standby for any medical issues. Members of the local club TJ Tatran Jablonec will then hang the controls.